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Lift It Wash Volume Shampoo


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VoCê’s LIFT IT.WASH offers an organic stimulant giving you that extra volume while stripping away unwanted product buildup and oils. Enable each strand of hair to grow its full potential while maintaining its natural length. LIFT IT.WASH is the foundation for the fullness. For added volume, follow with LIFT IT.RINSE.

Refreshing Bergamot is complemented by creamy Coconut and a delicate Floral collection to balance its strength in performance with softness in the aroma.

Apply a small amount of product to wet hair. Massage from scalp through to ends. Rinse and follow with Lift It Rinse.

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Sea Silk provides a flexible structure for thin or weak hair. Smoothes and brightens while retaining moisture. 

Açai Berry Extract is rich in antioxidants and natural caffeine protects fine hair against free radical damage and oxidation. 

Creatine stimulates the metabolism of the hair follicles and hair roots for the re-growth of strong and healthy hair. 

UV Protectants guard hair and shield color against the sound damaging rays.

Paragon free, Sulfate-free, 100% vegan