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Foa-m My God !
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Foa-m My God !


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Why does it work?
Foa-m my god! is a mild and thick foam; it will change cleansing of your face into a relaxing care ritual. It perfectly removes face and eye make-up. It is pleasantly scented and has relaxing effects. The bio active complex of seven herbs has been developed on the basis of the Chinese medicine secrets. It supports the treatment of acute inflammations and lesions, such as itching and erythema. It constitutes a “biological protective shield” that prevents the negative effects of the polluted environment, detergents and other irritants. The active substances from three different parts of the world - Egyptian myrobalan, Mediterranean Gypsophila and African Shikakai nuts – perfectly cleanse and refresh without upsetting the delicate hydrolipid layer of the skin. They do not cause the effect of skin shrinkage or irritation. They restore comfort and the biological balance. Foa-m my god! effectively removes dust and heavy metals accumulated on the skin surface and, thus, inhibits the process of aging.The foam contains derivatives of L-Glutamic acid and a fungi starch antioxidant which guarantee strong softening, firming and intensively hydrating effects. What’s important, they are fully safe, gentle for eyes and mucous membranes.

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Secret Recipe.
Plant washing substances from three parts of the world- obtained from Egyptian myrobalan, Gypsophila and Shikakai, thoroughly cleanse even the very sensitive face skin. They restore its biological balance and comfort.
Tasmanian mountain pepper- an extract from Tasmanian mountain pepper berries with instant calming and anti-inflammatory effects, which seals blood vessels. It reduces swellings, redness and the burning sensation.
Bio active complex of 7 herbs- a mix of plant extracts(tiger grass, liquorice, matricaria, Japanese knotweed, rosemary, green tea, Baikal skullcap). It reduces redness, itching and erythema
Intensively hydrating ingredients -natural derivatives of L-Glutamic acid and a fungi starch antioxidant with strong skin hydrating, softening and firming effects.

A universal, velvety cleansing foam created with a delicate plant base and natural anti-inflammatory and soothing extracts. Safe even for a very sensitive skin, also of eye and lip area.

It effective removes makeup and impurities, as well as dust and heavy metals. It hydrates, soothes minor irritation, strengthens the defense mechanisms of the skin.

Recommended for: day and night use; dry and sensitive skin