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3 Steps To Beauty Mask

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active serum / sheet mask / finishing serum

The great celebration or a special occasion is coming up?
Pamper your skin deeply and get a beautiful, glowing skin right when you need it most! Perfect for all skin types.

3 STEPS to BEAUTY is a complete treatment designed by beauty professionals to boost your skin’s appearance visibly. It contains a powerful set of the most efficient active ingredients which deeply regenerate the skin, restoring vitality and strengthening its natural barrier. Your skin becomes perfectly nourished, silky smooth and bright.

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The treatment consists of 3 steps:

STEP 1 – Active serum – provides a loading dose of antioxidants that are known to neutralize free radicals, preventing skin damage. This serum also hydrates your skin and improves absorption of active ingredients.

STEP 2 – Regenerating sheet mask – deeply nourishes the skin and restores its youthful, healthy appearance. The mask contains powerful plant extracts, vitamins and other highly effective ingredients with rejuvenating and regenerating effects.

STEP 3 – Finishing serum – thanks to the high content of vitamin C, the serum smooths, brightens and evens your skin visibly. Moisturizes and protects against harmful factors.


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