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Slick With It - longwearing/waterproof mascara duo

Our Slick With It mascara will have you feeling like you have some major clout. This VEGAN mascara is not only waterproof, but does NOT flake or transfer at all.  The big complaints we hear from our followers about mascara are that they flake too easy and smudge on their lower lash lines so we have you covered. Our favorite feature has to be the duo wand for the mascara. One is designed to work with our formula for adding volume and length to your top lashes, while the other is thin and designed to easily add mascara to your lower lashes.

Why the name Clout? In the Urban Dictionary the definition of clout is ‘being famous and having influence’, and once everyone sees this mascara on your eyes they’re going to feel like you have all the clout. Be careful for all of those clout chasers, lol.

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